Daylight is good essential within day-to-day human activity, which signed our nature development and weighs of daily psyche-physiological behaviour patterns.

However, daylight lighting technique is a more complex process which “let the light get through indoor building areas”, since requires some comfort visual necessities according to performance.

With that in mind, natural lighting must bring all daylight benefits together, counting also with indoor lighting requirements (EN-12464 standard).

“Daylighting should reply our environment dynamic light, fulfilling with all indoor lighting visual comfort demand”

Daylight vs. artificial light

Artificial light could be suitable for visual skills, no longer on wellbeing and health people optimal performance.

Natural light means dynamic, shift spectrum, intensity and directivity skills through day and yearly.

However standard electric artificial light is steady and standing throughout the day, along with nearly null regulation capacity. As well as natural time lose, intensity and spectrum proof, might have a negative health and cognitive engine hit.


Hot-spots avoid

EN-12464 call for glare and loud contrasts avoiding which trigger fatigue because of continued eye readaptation.

Despite this, among already applied natural lighting solutions we often find clear plastic skylights which produce this non-liked contrast excess effect, named as hot-spot.

Figura 7
Radiación Solar

Holes minimize

Opal solutions avoid those hot-spots through particles plastic doping whom refract and disperse the light randomly across lambertiant distribution.

This light gets lost in space, no longer focused towards working areas, “fixed” by enhancing skylight units.

All of this, impacts directly to building energetic development, in addition to extra IR radiation and extra thermal losses.

“Dimensioning cannot be narrowly understood part of the roof percent. As artificial lighting the optic behaviour should be considered

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