Benefits of DAYLIGHT

Why does affect us?

Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young were Medicine Nobel Prize in 2017 due to discovered our inner body clock functionality, named as circadian cycle.

A key of circadian system is straightly related to our eyes ipRGCs photoreceptors, specialized in individual psyche-physiological regulation, no longer to image creation.

“A new photoreceptors family controls no-visual functions which light breeds through the eyes”

How does affect us?

ipRGCs photoreceptors boosted in the presence of certain solar radiation wavelengths –up to 470nm– sending information towards hypothalamus and tapping into our state of mind, metabolic skills, even in sleep regulation, all affecting to health and wellness regulation.

User buildings aren’t an exception and those who take up within buildings with a great natural lighting system, taste all those benefits on a daily.


Rhythms & chronobiology

People livehood is hold it by Rhythmicity. Along with wakefulness and sleep circadian rhythms, we have different rates linked to seasons and other shorter connected to performance and wellness.

All rhythms synchronization is light largely regulated, through ipRGCs photoreceptors and psyche-physiological associated mechanisms.

Benefits of daylight


. Sleep quality improvement

. Enhanced concentration and heed

. Promoting communication


. Reduced electrical consumption

. Carbon footprints limitation

. LEED/BREEAM/WELL standard compliance


. Productivity improvement

. Work absenteeism reduction

. Sales increase among exhibition areas

. Improvement in colours reproduction

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